Bookshelves – creative ideas for your home

bookshelves from old pale boxes

Build creative bookshelves yourself

Many used items can be used as building materials for bookshelves. Not only old crates and ladders, but also belts and skateboard boards are perfect for creative shelving. Take a look at this impressive collection of original ideas and then decide which of these materials are best for you.

Maybe you already wanted to throw some away - do not act too fast, you may regret it later. After seeing the great DIY projects that we have put together for you, you will feel much more resourceful and find many matching items for your self-made bookshelves.

If your kids do not feel like skateboards anymore

bookshelves from old skate boards

If your wooden ladder is no longer safe enough for you

Bookcases from used ladders

This stylish project was called Bookseat

bookshelves made of light wood swinging form

Beautiful mandala wall shelf made of white wooden boxes

Books shelves made of white wooden boxes

The branches project by designer Olivier Dollé

bookshelves minimalist wall shelf like tree

Pacman Bookshelf - an iconic design in lemon yellow

bookshelves yellow pacman shelf

An invisible bookshelf for real book lovers

bookshelves in columns on the wall

Find a new feature for your old leader

bookshelves long boards and aluminum ladder

Who thought old wooden pallets could look so chic and stylish?

Books shelves from old wooden palletsBookshelves and table made of coarse natural wood

bookshelves open rugged shelves

Wow - was that your first reaction?

books shelves stylized head in blue

Make efficient use of every inch of the staircase

books shelves wall shelf by the stairs

Old belts are still usable

Books shelves from old belts

No matter which interior design style you like, you can always show creativity and organize your books in an original way. Look through all DIY and designer projects for bookshelves and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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