Horoscope Sagittarius 2016 – time to build new bridges

Horoscope Sagittarius What to Expect Zodiac Sagittarius 2016

Horoskop Sagittarius for the year 2016 - What are the stars for this zodiac sign in the New Year?

The Horoscope of Sagittarius for 2016 is all about building new bridges in interpersonal relationships. They permanently contact people who will be very important to them over the next few years.

Horoscope Sagittarius 2016- What do the stars say?

Horoscope Sagittarius for the year 2016 What do the stars say?

Firm relationships shape that Horoscope Sagittarius also in the personal area. Many opt for solid relationships, engagement and marriage. Furthermore, shooters in the coming year 2016 are very vital. You will not feel like staying in one place at all. Almost all shooters will visit new places and new countries.

This year, the shooters travel more

Sagittarius Sagas What do the stars say about visiting new countries?

The interpersonal relationships are at the forefront for the shooters this year

Horoscope Sagittarius Love Interpersonal Relations Loving Couple

An engagement is not excluded for some shooters

horoscope shooter engagement important events zodiac sagittarius 2016

Others even close marriage this year

Horoscope shooter interpersonal relations marriage close


Sagittarius will often not be able to increase their own social status. But they also do not stay in the same place. They make small improvement and optimization steps that also make their lives a lot better and more comfortable.

Enjoy small successes at work

Horoscope Sagittarius Career Achieving Small Achievements

Attempts to find a job change or a better job are generally unsuccessful. However, they gain more security and authority at the workplace where they are already working.

Gain authority in the workplace

star sign Sagittarius career gaining authority

Gunners take bold decisions to improve their own life status and to experience more variety. Many start attending new language courses or other qualification levels.

The time will be more difficult from September. The Horoscope Sagittarius promises conflicts in the workplace for this time. They should stay alert and calm to overcome them. Everything indicates that a favorable neutrality is achieved for all.

Unfortunately, conflicts arise in the workplace

star sign Sagittarius for the year 2016 career

Solve the conflicts in the workplace

Horoscope Sagittarius Workplace Conflicts Solve Career Sagittarius Sternzeichen 2016


The chances that shooters will get rich in 2016 are quite small. But much speaks for winning a good financial condition with the help of another person. It may be that a new partner of the shooter financially supports you and solves his problems. But if that does not happen, you will suffer a lot from lack of money. Often you will also be forced to borrow money.

In it, however, the shooters should rather see a chance. In such difficult situations, friendly and other family relationships prove successful. They often bring people closer and build trust.

Between April and July, the situation could also be improved by fast money. Some shooters could win money at this time in the lottery. You should believe in yourself and the success comes for sure.

Fast money makes you happy

Zodiac Sagittarius Win Money Win Lotto


Shooters should make their health a top priority. This device waver. Neglect can lead to serious consequences, including hospitalization. Under no circumstances should this be allowed.

Do everything possible to avoid possible hospitalization

star sign shooter health attentively avoid his hospital

The difficult situations trigger addiction to food and alcohol in some shooters. This must be controlled, because it can also make the shooter sick. Problems with the bone system are also possible. Try to achieve harmony and balance through yoga and stretch exercises. Sagittarius must also eat a particularly healthy diet in 2016. In spring a detailed examination is recommended.

Eating well is especially important for the shooters this year

star sign shooter health healthy eating

Exercise yoga to stay fit

star sign Sagittarius Yoga Exercise Health Horoscope Sagittarius 2016

Sagittarius men

Sagittarius men were too impatient and aggressive the previous year, according to the horoscope. But in the next, this will change. They are tolerant and calm. Your personal life will benefit greatly. Finally the shooter man has time for family and friends. This strengthens family relationships. This change is important, because despite all the difficulties, shooters need the support of their relatives very strong.

Find more time for family and friends

Horoscope Sagittarius What Do the Stars Strengthen Personal Relationships?

Spend more time with your family

star sign Sagittarius men family relationships calm

Sagittarius women

The Sagittarius Women are very emotional according to the horoscope. This will prevent them from establishing stable relationships with their fellow human beings. In the family, everything will run perfectly for it. This even leads to some envy in the immediate area. Sagittarius women, however, are tempted to renounce. They need to think twice about whether they can really handle the consequences.

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