Feng Shui window treatment – keeping positive energy at home

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Feng Shui window treatment - keeping fresh and positive energy at home

Keeping windows clean at home is a must for good Feng Shui. Harmonic window treatment that allows maximum daylight to flood through, as well as coziness at night is best Feng Shui.
Windows are called "The Eyes of the House" in Feng Shui and relate to an energy level to your ability to see clearly in life.

What are the good Feng Shui options for your home window treatments? If you do not like drapes and curtains, window blinds or accordion-like shutters are considered good feng shui.

Urban kitchen design - oversized and tall windows

feng shui window treatment big clean clear high floor

First, as with all Feng Shui solutions, you need to be sure that improvements contribute to the harmonious interior design. The best Feng Shui is the subtle and refined, or in other words Feng Shui, created within the guidelines of good home decor. The general Feng Shui guidelines for window treatments are as follows:
Curtains or curtains made of natural fabric to bring healthy and good energy into it.
Feng Shui color - use it for the room and Bagua area.
Feng Shui - suitable material for the various Bagua areas. If you choose a fabric with the bold pattern, make sure the shapes and patterns are suitable for the ambience.

Beautiful white kitchen design in the attic - Feng Shui window

feng shui window treatment big clean kitchen

As far as the type of window treatments is concerned, it is related to what is appropriate and appropriate for the device. If you choose roller shutters, you should know that it is always a better option to choose high quality wood instead of plastic, for example.
Accordion-style shutters may not be good feng shui because they tend to provide a sharper quality of energy during the daytime when folded.
The best Feng Shui window treatment for the bedroom are curtains made of natural fabric (their movement adds gentleness to the bedroom's energy).

Cozy and fresh bedroom design - Feng Shui theory

Feng Shui window treatment big clean bedroom

Cold and fresh colors in the bedroom - striped walls, green curtains

Feng Shui window treatment big green curtain

Warm, brown tones - cozy and bright design in the living room

feng shui window treatment big bright spring  Dark, wooden surfaces and textures in the bright kitchen areafeng shui window treatment big clean wood dark    Classic, high windows - city ​​areafeng shui window treatment big clean urban Bright, cozy living room design - soft, white texturesFeng Shui window treatment big clean white living area

Classically equipped kitchen - eye-catching, white armchairs

feng shui window treatment white kitchen

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